Questions and Answers

– What is the order procedure?
1. Select an escort model on the site.
2. Contact the operator, specify the city you are interested in and the name of the selected model.
3. After clarification of details, your order will be issued.
Please note, the operator is not a guide to Kazakhstan and not a friend for a chat.

– Where can I meet with one of the presented escort girls?
Our services can only be provided at your hotel in Almaty, Astana or Aktau (outcall). All hotels are serviced, except for some (check with the operator).

– How can I get additional photos?
All photos presented on the site are real and fresh. The choice of the girl is carried out on the photo on the site, the operator does not send any additional photos.

– But some photos with a blured face?
Closed face on the photos is choice of girl. Most of the escort models presented are local and they don’t need recognition. We do not send open face photos upon request.

– What time before the meeting should I make an order?
30 minutes is the minimum time to reach the nearest free model.

– What if not the girl from the photo come?
Refuse the order and inform the operator about the incident. Yes, in this case, you will lose some time, but we try to make our service better and constantly struggle with fake photos presented by dishonest models. Such models are excluded from our catalog.

– I was offered cheaper services.
These are street girls of lower social status. We have a negative attitude to the practice of winding up prices for foreigners, so we keep prices at a consistently low level. Our girls are guaranteed to be well educated, have no problems with crime or drugs, and also pass regular medical checkups.